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Default !!! Royal mint coin - Rugby ball or Reptilian eye?

Hi All,

I have just signed up to this forum although have been a follower of David for many years. I thought you guys might like this one...!

I went to the British Museum the other day to photograph some of the astonishing exhibits such as the crystal skull and the easter island statue.

Directly opposite the museum is a coin collectors shop where I picked up an edition of 'The Phoenix' a free coin collectors paper and was shocked to find an advert for a coin that looks very suspiciously like a reptilian eye.

As you can see, this rugby ball hologram has a strange design.. You would expect the familiar dotted ball pattern to be on the INSIDE of the ball shape - not the outside... As its on the outer shape within the coin, it resembles the effect of scales as seen on a reptiles skin around the eye.

Any thoughts on this??

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