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Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
Well some of us wont be there..... Its ugly and not at all as good as this...

I DONT LIKE THINGS GETTING WORSE....... This site has been beautiful many years and now he wants to end it..... Why did he even take it to begin with??

He told me last year the VBB site would not change.. Its sad it is.......
I agree with you and it surprised me too, like I already said, but what can we do? Gareth can always change his mind at some stage can't he? Anyhow, at least everyone, who only reads the 'Today's News' forum, now knows a new forum exists. If they choose to frequent it or not is purely down to them.

P.S. Maybe Gareth was worried that this forum would get completely knocked out by the PTB, if it stayed open? Threats made perhaps? Just some thoughts. I would say that I don't think Gareth has always been completely forthcoming with us, about all of his thoughts, since he took over.
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