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Originally Posted by sucheta19 View Post
I believe that I am being subjected to covert surveillance by M15. I believe that both my landline and mobile phone are being tapped, that all activity on my computer is being watched. Further, I believe that I am being listened to both in my car and anywhere where there is access to listening devices/CCTV/video equipment available.
I believe that the information obtained by this surveillance is being used as an oppressive tactic: to intimidate and threaten me as I have raised complaints about the way my court cases have been handled in court and particularly, to try and stop me making an application to the European Court of Human Rights.
The actions have resulted in
- The influencing of most of my contacts to co-operate with them to obtain access to me in order to obtain information/make threats on me or my life.
- Actions taken to ensure that I am isolated so that I cannot continue with my appeal to the ECHR by scaring away friends, family and even a lawyers firm
- Attempts to cause distress to me as an ME/CFS patient and my contacts by making numerous nuisance and silent calls
- Influencing other government departments including hospitals to cause me harm or further financial losses. Those departments appear to be contravening the Data Protection Act.
- The police making false statements in their attempt to section me under the Mental Health Act
- A firm of solicitors continuing to make false and frivolous claims against me causing me severe financial losses.
However, I have been unable to obtain a proper response from the Home Secretary.
I have started a thread on
Please support me ...

Thanks. Any help/suggestions are very welcome.


Don't do anything stupid is my suggestion. Stay clear of infringements and transgressions and just be straight... If they whack you, I'll revenge your death, bro. Best of luck to you. Welcome to the forum.
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