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Default Reel in the eel

Originally Posted by ferret View Post
ooo like an eel... theyre like fishy snakes.. haha
Or serpent

Fleur De Lis The Devil's Flower

Just my 2 pence worth

The Merovingian king, Clovis, had the iris , or fleur-de-lis, as his royal emblem, a flower which grows wild in the Middle East. It is also known as a three-pronged lily and it was used to symbolize Nimrod or rather the reptilian bloodline of Nimrod. In Latin it means small sword and it became the symbol of the royal bloodline of what is now France and this was because in ancient Sumer the reptilian bloodline, as passed on through the female, was symbolized by a lily. Hence the main reptilian gene carriers were given names like Lilith, Lili, Lilutu and Lillette.

The Serpent of Life and Wisdom:

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