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Exclamation The Grand Lodge of China

The Grand Lodge of China was founded in 1949, it has 10 lodges with 750 members and is recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.

Mozi (Mo Tzu: ca. 490-403 BC)
The natural urge to utility, he says, is like a compass or a square. It does not depend on a cultivated intuition or indoctrination.

Meng Ko (371-289 BCE)
1. Mencius said, 'The power of vision of Lî Lâu, and skill of hand of Kung-shû, without the compass and square, could not form squares and circles. The acute ear of the music-master K'wang, without the pitch-tubes, could not determine correctly the five notes. The principles of Yâo and Shun, without a benevolent government, could not secure the tranquil order of the kingdom.

Much has been made about the metaphorical and symbolic use of the square, compasses, level and plumb rule in early Chinese writings.

Short Talk Bulletin, vol. xiii, March, 1935. No. 3. "That Ancient Square."

"There is mention in the early Chinese records of a society using allegory to teach a system of faith and morality, illustrated by masonic tools. Interesting enough, they had a legend of a symbolic temple built in a desert, and wore leather aprons during their Rites."

I was pleased to be able to greet the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of China (ie. in Taipei) who had flown in for the occasion, having generously contributed towards the cost of the Hall. The next day we flew to Hong Kong where I installed RWBro David Fok as our new District Grand Master and Grand Superintendent for Hong Kong & the Far East.

Kung Fu (1972) Part 1 >>> video posted

Chuang Tzu
'I have already told you,' replied Wen Poh Hsüeh Tzu, 'that the people of the Middle Kingdom are experts in ceremonies and obligations but wanting in knowledge of the human heart. The man who visited me came in and went out as per compasses and square. His demeanour was now that of the dragon, now that of the tiger. He criticized me as though he had been my son. He admonished me as though he had been my father. Therefore I gave vent to sighs.'

"Building an excellent ch'in is not limited only to compass, square, level and plumb line."

Main entrance, Pender St., Vancouver.

Zhou Xuan singing Kao Hong>>>video posted

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