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Arrow understand what Spirit truly is & does.

Originally Posted by ksigmason View Post
Why do people who who know the least Masonry wish to speak the most?
Hah! ......
Just one single short post in this thread & it did wake you up! ........ Thank you for confirming its power!

You must have an automated ID link alarm set-up expose?

Its not always people which has spoken >>>>> It was the Spirit which did. Ore maybe a secret anti masons program execution.

How would you even know if its not automated programming which writes all these posts?

You think to know but you don't really know ..........
What do you know about the Spirit & how does it work.
Its kept in total secret you know; especially a secret towards the greatest enemy of the Spirit power.

The original Spirit invented secret keeping way, way before any Mason was born into this world.
Actually the first ever Mason which started as a slave was once in a time a part of this secret Spirit power.
But some of these original slaves which ended up being the so called Masons abused the original reincarnation gift & ended up being expelled from having this true Golden treasure of real knowledge.

To the Masons its the permanently lost true ark.

But I must admit its hard to be understood by those which don't know & understand what Spirit truly is & does.

That's exactly the part Masons lost that's why they don't understand it now.
People can only make sense & understand things if they have were enquired it first.

Just logic:
How could anyone possibly preach about God or a Jesus or anything else if he did not seen or enquired it beforehand?

Impossible right!

So how would you know that people are creating all the words written down?

You don't know simple!

Also just for your personal information;
1) there are animals;
2) there are people;
3) there are humans; & there are spiritual humans.

So how would you know if you not telepathic who wrote these words down?

I know for a 100% fact that I am not a people! I already proved it to you but you will not see it; because of the default problem you have within you.

But in the case of Masons they only seeing people everywhere because they can not see further then what they knowing & understand.

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