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Arrow No Reincarnation for Freemasonry just a illusions

Originally Posted by brad_watson_miami_fl View Post
Freemasonry and Reincarnation
Those without a individual Spirit have no chance of ever being Reincarnated.

Freemasonry must believe by creating a monotone repetition of there hive like system that it represents Reincarnation?

True Reincarnation in Spiritual Human terms could never be burned or be destroyed as long there is just one single Spiritual Human left on earth or in the Univers.

But in the case of a Freemasonry hive system it can be burned to the ground because its totally based on the physical material form & all there reproduced simulated Reincarnation products will just turn to nothingness over time.

Freemasonry lives in a big temporary illusion & will always need a hive system to even function.

Individual Masons having no self power they only produce forced powers through grouping up within there own structured brotherhood hive system.

True Reincarnation of an individual needs no external body to exist & represents a solid minded individual which is brother, sister, mother, father, judge, witness & son within one single individual.

Self inner power over all external powers!

And if such individual is able to transfer his own knowledge towards any other Human male/female alike his Reincarnation is guaranteed.

Which again in reality was a Reincarnation which was received & entered into the giver of this knowledge from previous knowledge received & understood then transferred to the next generation of Reincarnations.

One true Reincarnation individual can supply many other individuals with Reincarnation & is not limited towards single individual transfer of this internal knowledge.

Masons don't have & will never have or created true Reincarnation it will always just represent a temporary illusionary Reincarnation illusion which is based on fictive physical materialism group sport processes.

True Reincarnation is absolutely based on individuality & not of any Structured hive like group self serving based system.

Being part of any group externally = Reincarnation impossibility by default from the reality of a true real deal Reincarnation.

How old is the World of Freemasonry?

From the point of existing true Human like Reincarnations ....... Freemasonry is not even one second old.
But the true Reincarnation is as old as the first ever true Men within the entire Universe & is clearly not restricted to Earth alone because we don't even know where we came from originally but the true Spirit knows where the Spirit lives within .....

And the true Reincarnations on Earth also understand that even the first Masons originated from the original first Reincarnation but because of there Split from reality and truth there Reincarnation possibility were lost long time ago & are marked for self elimination over time.

The Time is now actually but they can not see this reality yet!

Serpent Origins and the Real Origins of Freemasonry

This mysticism is indeed the great Masonic Secret, the Supreme Initiation…. It is old as is this world.

- La Trahison Spirituelle de la Freemason,
J. Marques-Rivere

So, at the root of the secret is an electrobiological and chemical reaction inside the mind often termed the kundalini.

This we now know to be linked implicitly with the serpent from the internal process and vision, and therefore being spoken of as serpent power. But are there any real links to the world’s biggest secret society - the Freemasons?

It is clear that the serpent is, and has always been, a symbol of the Freemasons of which they have been perfectly proud.

The question is:
How many of its members realize what its all about?

Abraham, the Israelite father of mankind, and Hiram of the Freemasons, are one and the same.

Both are based upon serpent worshippers with Indian Naga or serpent deity backgrounds. A grand statement, but one that I am not alone in making.

Flavius Josephus said in his History of the Jews:

These Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calani. Megasthenes, sent to India by Seleucus Nicator, also said that the Jews were called “Kalani” and that they were an Indian tribe.

Clearchus of Soli said:

“The Jews descend from the philosophers of India. The philosophers are called in India Calanians and in Syria Jews. The name of their capital is very difficult to pronounce. It is called Jerusalem.”

If Abraham as the father of the Jewish race is therefore a legendary figure of India, then who is he, and did he exist at all? It’s time to upset traditionalists.

The obvious person for an Indian Abraham is Brahma (A-Brahma) who just happens to have a consort and sister named Saraisvati 1 - which is amazingly similar to the name of the Biblical Abraham’s wife, Sarai. Abraham is said to have learned his trade in Ur, which is very close to the Persian border - being en route to India.

It is also a fact that the name of Brahma spread throughout this entire area - so much so that the Persians even adopted him as one of their deities. So, the very area where Abraham is said to have learned his priestly trade is the very area that the Indian Brahma was being spread and worshipped.

What more can we find within this area of the Chaldees?

The Chaldeans were called Kaul-Deva, and they were a priestly caste living in, among other places, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Pakistan. (Kaul-Deva meaning the Shining Calani, hence these were enlightened Shining Ones, a group going back to ancient Sumeria and outlined in my book The Shining Ones.)

So Abraham/Brahma learned his trade among the Chaldeans, who were related to the Indian subcontinent and were the Shining priesthood or enlightened souls. In this respect, then “Abraham” was simply a title given to the high priest or lord of the sect of Brahma. But if, as in ancient Egypt, he needed to duplicate the life of the gods, then he, too, would have needed a wife/sister.

The Illuminati

“Popular history texts and encyclopedias generally paint the Illuminati as having its origins in 1776 Bavaria. However, the origins go back much further. The Illuminati are tied directly through masonry to the sun and Isis cults of ancient Egypt.

“The term “Illuminati” was used by one early writer, Menendez Pelayo, as early as 1492 and is attributable to a group known as the “Alumbrados” of Spain. The Alumbrados were said to receive secret knowledge from an unknown higher source, resulting in superior human intelligence. This group was condemned by an edict of the Grand Inquisition in 1623, in what was another battle in the long-running war between the catholic Church and the secret societies.

“Some writers claim that a group known as the “Illumined Ones” was founded by Joachim of Floris in the eleventh century and taught a primitive, supposedly Christian doctrine of “poverty and equality.” This tactic to disguise Illuminism behind a thin veil of Christianity is now a well-established theme. Later, this group is said to have become violent, plundering the rich and thereby discrediting Christianity as a whole.

“Still other writers trace the Illuminati to the dreaded Ishmalean sect of Islam, also known as “the Assassins.” Founded in 1090 by Hassan Sabah, this group combined the use of the drug hashish with murder as their main path to illumination.

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