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Originally Posted by enlightenedskie View Post
ignorance is bliss...

well, false. meat is raises your cholesterol and blood pressure. to consume it in mass amounts is horrible for your body under any circumstances. (forgive me for not citing the following sources, you can find any fact i mention through a simple google search)

1. meat is linked to heightened risk of cancer in the: stomache, lung (yes, lung), esophogus, blood, colon, mouth, bowel, breast, testicular, prostrate, liver, and ovarian.
2. meat is linked to a heightened risk to DIE FOR ANY REASON by 35ish % in men, 30ish % in women.
3. 99.9% of heart disease is linked to meat consumption. (there are no documented cases of heart disease in non-meat eating countries).
4. cancer: (again) there are almost no (still a few) cases of cancer in non meating eating countries. (where meat isn't a staple of the diet).
5. meat is the leading contributor of global warming
6. 99% of chicken, 96% of beer/pork are basically raised in concentration camps. chicken can't walk, death and disease run rampant.
7. the meat is so contaminated they wash the chicken in "fecal baths" (google it) and spray it with chemicals such as bleach and chlorine. in fact, about 40% of the weight of your chicken is from these fecal baths, yummy right?
8. it takes 1kg beef = 15k water vs 3k water = 1g rice. waste of resoucres.
9. meat isn't needed to function.
10. meat is linked to lower sex drive in men, and prostrate problems such as incontinence.
11. meat is linked to higher bone fracture rate, as done in a study on nurses and collage football (u.s. version). the acidity in meat literally causes you to piss calcium out of your bones for 2+ hours after you eat meat. calcium tablets and milk (won't even get into dairy here) can't replace it fast enough
12. chicken doesn't count as "lean", it's honestly a joke how close they are to red meat (google it)
13. protein in meat is harder for your body to process than protein in veggies, legumes, nuts, etc. that is why if you eat meat you are hungry less often, because it literally rots in your stomach as you struggle to digest it and as you pass it through it cakes onto your colon and such.

please, enlighten me on how it is healthy/necessary/needed/not bad..
how can you post this crap?

ignorance is bliss...

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