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Originally Posted by ragnarok View Post
What happened on the moon, stays on the moon. You should all know that by now.

Does someone who's knowledgeable about these things know how many man-made satellites the moon has or has ever had? If there were satellites up there, would they be clearly visible from earth when they crossed the moon's face?*

* Obviously I mean with a decent telescope, and not with the naked eye.
Dawes Limit (google it, I'm sure I can't explain it better than actual astronomers) describes, mathematically, the resolution limit for telescopes. It comes up in moon-hoax threads pretty regularly, because people ask "why can't we just point telescopes at the moon and see the Apollo hardware?" To see the Lunar Module (about 4 meters wide and sitting still) would require a telescope the diameter of an American football field. So observing a 1 or 2 meter satellite crossing the moon's face would be impossible with a telescope. They're just too small to resolve at this distance.
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