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Typical programmed response.

Why not just tar everybody with the same brush? I have been accuse of being a trained murdere by people in here yet I have never had to fire a shot in anger. Lucky me!! what does that tell you about the accusers?
No, what would have been typical is if I did not report what I saw,

and by the way, you need not feel threatend by this letter I wrote, it was an attack on the training programs that turn good men into anything but, Im sorry if you have been accused of being a murderer thats terrible ,those accusers should not be attacking the result of a bad conditioning system, they should be attacking the system itself, not that you have been
"brainwashed", I dont even know you,

Of course its not every police officer and every soldier ,but for the ones who have more brute than brain,, its unfortunate that the prerequisite for becoming a soldier or police officer was not more strict at least in Australia, but I would imagine the requirements are very similar ,we can do without just any tom dick and harry holding guns...
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