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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
No i bloody well did not abuse any one,actually we picked up POWs gave them food and drink and dropped them off at a suitable location,under FIRE from our own lot.BLUE ON BLUE.

and ken b knew it was dodgy, you would not get me out there for all the tea in china,he knew the risks.

stop bringing the bodhisattva bit in,becauseyou know nothing about it,but i would advise you to read the bodhisattva vow,but it may be to blinding for you.

So by your own admission then soldier are not all violent animals. As you have just stated there you fed some prisoners and dropped them off at a location while offering them protection. A noble act. Its a pity you dont tend to quote this sort of thing when people are being abusive about soldiers, do you think they may turn against you. You might get knocked out of the 'in' crowd.

I am familiar with Buddhism and have a number of works on the subject.

I dont think Ken was expecting an abduction. He was not even in a position to defend himself. No weapon yet those animals cut his head off while his hands were tied, and you blame him!!!!!!!!!!
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