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Originally Posted by hagbard_celine View Post
Do we know that for definite?

I read the first four, Teachings..., A Separate Reality, Journey to Ixtlan and Tales of Power. I wonder what happened after Carlos jumped off the cliff at the end.

In the last pages of THE POWER OF SILENCE by CastaƱeda
he is asked "how long were you dead, Don Juan? A whole day it seems, he said.
(:: he reminded me that he had taught how warriors act in said siituations. They give the best of themselves and later, without remorse or feeling sorry, they stay quietly and let the spirit decide the result.
Don Juan was thought to be dead and placed by peasants in an artificial tomb. He went back to his benectors house where he was treated as if he had never left. His benefactor told him that the ticket of a witch to go to the impecability was his death. It had been 70 years he had bought the ticket and it was still brand new.

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