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Talking Hi Lizzy!

Originally Posted by lizzy View Post
Hi chandi
Many years ago I started a spiritual journey. Then it faded for various reason.

I do not consider myself to have been a warrior in this arena , returning recently with a new understanding of the real world and how to find my peace in it and grow into myself.

Having said that........I too read his books back when, and enjoyed those flights he took us on very much. Peyote always come to mind.
Hi Lizzy!

That's fine . I have no recollection of mixing it with anything else but reading, although some may have enjoyed doing it in the 60's. I simply enjoyed it leading me into a good
individual spiritual experience, which go beyond CaastaƱeda.
In his book THE POWER OF SILENCE, before starting the book, there is a page that says:

Ever SINCE MY WORK WAS FIRST PUBLISHED, I have been asked wether my books are fiction. And I have continually said that what I have done im my books is to describe faithfully the different phases of an instruction method used by Don Juan Matus---
a mexican witch Indian---to teach me to understand the world as a group of premises taht he has called witchcraft.
To learn to use in an itelligent manner the every day world, takes us years of training.
Our preparation, be it the wordly reasoning or in specialized subjects, is very rigurous,
because knowledge that we are tried to give is very complex. Identical criteria can be applied to the world of the witches; their meethods of teachings, that depend on verbal instruction and the manipulation of the awarenes of our being, although different from ours, they are equally strict, since their knowledge is equally or perhaps more, complex than ours."

After reading this, to each as their own experience has been. It has been years now.

Lots of love to you,


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