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Talking Osho on Carlos Castañeda

In Osho's book ABSOLUTE TAO, he is asked: "Is Carlos Castañeda's guru,
an enlightened master?

And Osho goes on to say:

"If there were someone like Don Juan---he would be enlightened, he would be a Buddha or a Lao Tzu. But there is nobody like Don Juan. Carlos Castañeda's books are
ninety-nine percent fiction---beautiful, artful, but fiction. As there are scientific fictions, there are spiritual fictions also. (...)

But I say ninety-nine percent fiction. One percent of truth is there, hidden here and there; you will have to find it. It is good even to read it as fiction. (::
Carlos Castañeda is worth reading. When I say fiction I don't mean don't read him,
I mean read him more carefully, because one per cent of thruth is there. You will have to read it very carefully, but don't swallow it completely because it is ninety-nine percent fiction. It can help your growth---it can create a desire to grow. That's why I say it is beutiful. But it can hinder growth also if you take it at its surface value.(::

This man Carlos is really crafty, very clever. Rarely it happens, such cleverness,
to create spiritual fiction is very difficult; one needs a great artistic and imaginary mind. Because things you don't know, how can you ever imagine them? That's why I say one percent of truth is there. On that one percent of truth he has made the whole house, a beautiful palace---a fairy tale. But that one percent of truth is there, otherwise it would
have been impossible.

He must have met somebody; maybe his name was Don Juan, maybe not, that is not material, that doesn't matter. Carlos has come across a being superior to himself,
he has come across a being who knows the secrets. Maybe he has not realized them, maybe he has stolen them, maybe he just borrowed them from someone else.
But he has met somebody who has somehow got some facts of spiritual life an this man has been able to create imagination around it. Imagination becomes possible if you use drugs as a help---very easy, because drugs are nothing but an aid to imagination.
Through drugs, LSD and others, he has projected that small truth into imaginary worlds
Then his whole fiction is created. It is a drug trip, but a good experiment in itself.
And when I say all these things I am not condemning Carlos. In fact I have come to love the man. It is a rare flight of imagination, and if it is 100% fiction then Carlos himself is a rare being.

If he has not come across anybody at all then he must have that one percent of reality in himself. Because otherwise it is impossible---you can build a house on a foundation, even an imaginary house needs a foundation in reality. You can make a house of cards but at least the ground, the solid ground is needed. That much is true.

So read, because you will have to read. Every age has its own fictions, romances; one has to pass through them. You will have to read. You can not escape Carlos Castañeda.
But remember that only 1% is true---you have to find it.

If you have been reading Gurdjieff's books, particularly ALL AND EVERYTHING,
then you can become artful about how to find the true, how to sort chaff from wheat.(::
If you can find the diamonds in Gurdjieff it will be a great training for you. And then you can find in Carlos Castañeda what is true and what is not true. Otherwise you can become a victim of a fiction. And I think many americans particularly are roaming in Mexico in search of Don Juan. Foolish!"

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