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Originally Posted by coco View Post
I didn't listen to all the songs but I remember the feeling of feeling, strong, wild, fresh, alive, full of energy and on the precipice of something big.

It was a great time that didn't last long enough.
my sentiments exactly

the eighties is also the embodiment of the craze for money too though, remember the Yuppies and the Dinkies. Dinkies did my fucking head in. It was all about style and pose and get rich quick.

and in the face of that Harry Enfields 'loadsa money' flew just right, taking the pi$$

but yeah, a great era for breaking the mold, fantastic music and the vibe for being alive

i was a huge frankie fan, Holly Johnson just said something to me, and even tho i might not be able to say what that was their style kinda had me hooked.

loved omd too, the simpleness of this song always throws me back into that era

And the 80's wouldn't have ever been so awesome without....

Madness, music that shaped a generation.

nice memory fest

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