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Originally Posted by baddoggydown View Post
I share both your frustration and your optimism. Tonight I had to explain what the Berlin Wall was to my 16 year old neighbours daughter. She hadn't heard of it. It wasn't her fault it hadn't been taught in school by useless bloody teachers but she knew aaaaaaallllllll about Auschwitz though. No context no background no explanation just a bunch of emotive lumps left to bump around her subconscious. Not good enough! What is heartening is that when I mentioned the Berlin Wall SHE WANTED TO KNOW MORE. And it was a pleasure to explain to show my photos my piece of graphitied wall even my east german workers hat. She knows more about Europe from 1945 until now than any of her schoolmates and it took less than 30minutes. She WILL wake up I saw the lightbulb click on in her head. Our battle isn't against people who don't want to know but against an Establishment that doesn't want them to know! Knowledge is infectious! Even though this thread moves in peaks and troughs keep plowing on this isn't going away it's growing damn right we are winning!
I call them .sLeeple not sheeple. I used to be one.
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