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Default The Cards

Spring - Ten of Swords.

Pretty obvious really, dude's been stabbed in the back. Swords represent ideas and logic. Either the left or right brain, I forget because I use all of mine. You get the picture.

Summer - 6 of Wands

Think Jesus on a donkey riding in to Jerusalem and people laying palm leaves down. Palm Sunday. Ash Wedensday. Maundy Thursday. Good Friday. The rest is speculation. Or, if you prefer, winning X-Factor. This guy is being recognised because he's carrying a Wand, not a Sword. Wands are fire. Passion, Drive, Masculine.

Autumn (Or Fall if you insist. Does make more sense for once if I'm honest.) - Five of Pentacles

Out in the cold. That window sure looks like some kind of church. And the five is pretty Tree like. But the poor people, the great unwashed. They're all 'raggedy and shit'.

Winter - Knight Of Swords

Ah thank fuck. I was starting to get worried then. Zoom out and look at the four cards. The first three are all facing to the right. They're flowing into eachother. Then just as it all starts to look properly fubar, the younger people of the Sword are leading a resistance to reverse the flow.

Overall Theme - Six of Swords

Take what you know and get the fuck out of dodge.


Reading it as a whole and finding how it relates to the alternate future I'm asking about, it's pretty obvious. The dominant suit is Swords. It's the logical, inner atheist in us all. Those ideas will stab us in the back. Or the thinkers will literally slain. Then the people they want to keep to fuel the machine or are filled with the 'force/snake' (fire element), they'll be rewarded and lauded. Then the underclass will be cast out while everyone is still hung over and jubilant. But in the closing hours, a new wave will rise as it always does. Nouvelle Vague. And it all starts over. The overall advice is glaring obvious, take what's worth taking and don't get involved. Travel, move or if you can't, distance yourself physically, do so in your inner world. Overall though, it's about ideas and the mind.
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