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Default 'The Cull' - Prediction of sorts

Personally, I think the art of prediction is half bullshitters paying the bills and half genuine people, whom, when they explain their non-spooky version of something, tend to get ignored because the bullshitters propogate the whole, 'too good to be true'.
Truth is always simple, but complex things sound more convincing and lead to a profit. Or a prophet. The two crossed keys of Rome.

There are an infinite number of alternate futures that each of us are heading towards. Whatever action you take alters your course. Or triggers an alter.
Divination is meant to be like GPS. It can map potential futures and prompts you to plan ahead and really think about what you're doing and where you want to be.
Asking when will I get laid or when will I win the lottery are just wastes of time. If it's on your path, the opportunity is already there but you don't notice because you're too busy thinking about the feel good bullshit you pay £20 a week for from some trampy old woman in a council house calling herself Mystic Mongo online. Just buy a £20 bag of weed and have a think instead.

I like to use the tarot cards as a story telling device. They tell the story of the alternative future, if that's what you're asking about, but like computers, GIGO.

Here's an example.

The Cull theory. They're going to wipe us out and omfg it's FEMA AARRRG. Why would they do that when they're also building cities and giving us smartphones? Why? To sell gold, silver and bunkers in my opinion. However, the recent benefits changes are starting to make me really suspicious. My resultant theory it this. David's 'Totalitarian Tip Toe' in reverse, not some huge mass apocalypse. If you're afraid of some impending mass doom, taking a couple of steps back instead isn't so bad right?

If we go backwards we get Poorhouses. Today we call them Prisons or Jails. Mr Bumble from Oliver Twist is Sherriff Arpelego or whatever his name is. Steven Segal's mate who does make me laugh if I'm honest. You have to respect someone who says, y'know what, if we're going to live in our shadow, let's do it honestly, openly and with some style. Rather than being sneaky and paying PR twats to cover stuff up for you.

Consider how the local authority 'corporation' was privatised. Libraries and Youth Clubs are all closing because the kids now live infront of an xbox or are out stabbing eachother and smoking crack. The pensioners are either being abused in Care Homes or left to die alone in Sheltered Accomodation because they can't open a can of food, can't turn the cooker on or they just fell over. The inbreds have been fattened up with increasingly left wing benefits policies so they can be paraded around by that **** Jeremy Kyle. Jerry Springer. Jerry Springer is Jew. Kyle is the Jew in South Park. Coincidence? He'll be a UKIP MP when he retires. The Kilroy clone imploded and went crazy so Jeremy Kyle is the next version. Allegedly.

That's my 'prediction' of what will happen. All the people at the bottom will be scooped up into reservations like the Injuns or workhouses. Those at the top or with any sense, will return to self sufficiency. Those in the middle, the controllable ones. They'll be in the factories we call Cities being worked to death. But there will be no mass appocalypse of doom. They're not good for business.

So I asked the Tarot to see what story they told of this alternate timeline we could be on. Remembering that we could just all wake up tomorrow and decide to be nice to eachother then everything would be awesome.

The spread is based on the cycle of the seasons but doesn't imply an actual year of time. Just the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and overall Theme of the cycle. Feel free to reinterpret them anyway you see fit. It's like Catchphrase, just say what you see. There are no wrong answers, only your opinion. Unless you're just a twat. In which case I'll point it out...
"The thing about smart motherfuckers is sometimes, they sound like crazy motherfuckers to stupid motherfuckers."
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