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Default Real world

Originally Posted by eternal_spirit View Post

Is feckin speechless almost lol.

Kirby kiss is scouse slang for a head butt in Kirby. My dad used to work around there and he would see people scavenging on the tips on his way to work, they'd be up early to get the richest pickings amongst the rubbish dumps..80's Britain.

Boys from the blackstuff, Yoser Hughes "Gis a job." A bunch of unemployed men were having a drink down thier local and Alan Bleasdale came in and said "hey boys do you want to make a TV series? All you have to do is learn the scipt and be yourself."

Of course they fitted right in with t he roles which were very similar to their real lives of poverty.
Gissa job go on I can do that

This is why politicians and the like will never know what the real world is,

they create the mess that we have to wade through on a daily basis.

somethings never change.

How long before the people take their blinkers off?

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