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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
i doubt it's some big conspiracy that we're not seeing feeds etc - because people don't necessarily think it's worthy of their time to look at.
You could say the same about 911, for example - we don't see any mainstream coverage of the 'inside job' story because Johnny Punchclock isn't interested in it.

The reality though is that the sheeple aren't interested in it because the TV - by omission - tells them it isn't a thing to think about.

That low-res shot of Saturn that the nerdlinger with the telescope got in the OP video was amazing. Imagine how majestic and awe-inspiring HD vision of a multi-coloured, multi-ringed planet 764 times the size of Earth would be if shown as a backdrop to the TV weather, or the intro to The Today Show (or Good Morning Slough, or whatever you guys get over there).

And they could get those live shots with basic equipment from the rooftop of their TV station. No multi-billion dollar probe (producing nothing but grainy, low-res images and sterile computer simulation results at that) required.

It would beat the hell out of another video of swans swimming around in a pond, or the sun rising over the sea.

TV news directors are always bullshitting on about their obsession with getting compelling new vision to attract bigger audience numbers, but there seems to be a taboo about space that requires the mainstream to tightly control and filter the way people think about it on a mass scale, probably for both consciousness and operational reasons.

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