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Originally Posted by fairyelfdog View Post
Thank you myeika

Here is my suggestion:

Construct a chainletter that urges people to call their local policeofficers and explain to them that they will not accept being forcibly vaccinated in cassed the law to do so is passed and that they will consider it a crime against their human rights. Write down some suggested points to make in this chainletter and urge the police to refuse to be used as tools to carry out these crimes. This can be done in america, england and everywhere where it might happen.
Do you think joe blow police officer has the power to stop this? do you think he is jsut earning his living and has orders to listen to his boss or get fired? He has rent to pay, needs to feed his kids and if he doesn't listen to his boss he gets fired.

Above joe blow police officer is the judges and politicians - which problems do you think they are interested in solving? do you really think nobody has grouped together and made their complaints? Look at Green peace - these guys have thought about every solution to stop things they think is wrong and they aren't having much luck yet and they've been around for years.

it's going to take a completely different mind set to solve this problem. you need to see the entire problem before you can recognize the solutions. but every problem HAS A SOLUTION. Every problem is nothing more then a lack of information. find the missing information and the problem magically goes away. Look at any problem in your past that you've solved. Did you problem get solved once you received more knowledge, more understanding?
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