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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
As for the Riper not working alone in Whitehall....

Its incredulous to consider that he wasn't working alone.

Tools were needed, somewhere to rip the bodies apart. A carriage, perhaps, and someone to drive it - on at least one occasion. How did he get to and from Whitehall, unseen - I'm sure folks would have seen a fellow walking around with a large carry-all in which saws, hatchets or clevers, knives and aprons could be carried.

Perhaps our freemasonic brother thinks The Ripper was The Batman? And even The Batman didn't work alone...

Also, beyond the crimes themselves - he was never found, somewhere along the way things were covered up.

He couldn't cover it up all by himself - he was helped. And he was helped along every step of the way. To claim otherwise shows a complete lack of insight.
lol, I guess if I did say he was batman that it would be no less weird than some of the claims people make in here.
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