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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
Rituals are always carried out by teams. Torches would have been necessary, as would a top level surgeon to assist.
Statistics and other details also have to be monitored and recorded, and OVERSEEN by others.
It is physically impossible for one person/initiate to do alone.
The initiate would have been entrusted with the killing and the scene settings/symbols only.
That is a very basic and simple fact that is entirely self-evident.
Symbols used would have indicated a ritual hexcraft curse upon both prostitutes and any who revealed the truth.
These would have been recognised and understood by senior police.
Senior police would also have been notified in advance of the event.
Depending on specified statistics prior to the event, victims would possibly have been drawn nationwide for the ritual killings of those undertaking prostitution, to other seemingly connected or unconnected and random killings.
Of course, we could be a little off course with this, as there is other evidence staring us straight in the face as it were.
The purpose of the killings ritual was both to curse and deter prostitutes, and the harvesting of internal organs, blood and adrenochrome from a live victim was no doubt (given the track record of those in royal circles) an essential part of that slaughter.
So precision surgery would have been the order of the day, and for safekeeping of precisely and carefully removed items, preserving jars ready-primed would have been essential - and perhaps the most important factor - the killings were carried out in Whitechapel - a fact which may indeed be relevant.
So what do we have in the Whitechapel district - why, none other than the most important and world-renowned teaching hospital where top surgeons are trained in their arts. - none other than The Royal London Hospital.
So a high level masonic initiation may have been carried out as a propelling qualification into a higher order - perhaps even the royal household as one possibility.
In this scenario, then the teams involved would possibly have carried out the disabling of the victim, and the precision work undertaken by the surgeon.

Had any in the royal household prior to this ritual caught the clap from dirty nights out?
Had the police supplied the victims from custody into the hospital, and then dumped the bodies later, I wonder?
The surgical work being carried out surrounded by the proper procedural equipment and lighting at hand sounds more feasible, and thus ensuring the purity and cleanliness of the items removed.

However, the harvesting of items from the victim's body during ritual sacrifice is standard practice, and does not necessarily indicate a medical initiate.

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