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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
Rituals are always carried out by teams. Torches would have been necessary, as would a top level surgeon to assist.
Statistics and other details also have to be monitored and recorded, and OVERSEEN by others.
It is physically impossible for one person/initiate to do alone.
The initiate would have been entrusted with the killing and the scene settings/symbols only.
That is a very basic and simple fact that is entirely self-evident.
Symbols used would have indicated a ritual hexcraft curse upon both prostitutes and any who revealed the truth.
These would have been recognised and understood by senior police.
Senior police would also have been notified in advance of the event.
Depending on specified statistics prior to the event, victims would possibly have been drawn nationwide for the ritual killings of those undertaking prostitution, to other seemingly connected or unconnected and random killings.
Just the crimes alone - they would take time, they weren't done in a heartbeat.

The women could have been murdered elsewhere and transported to the scene - even if they were murdered where they were found, lookouts would be needed.

No-one investigated screams, or fevered activity in the dark streets, no one saw the butcher at work while he was there for ten - thirty minutes...? Really?

Of course he was not alone. Not on the streets, as well as elsewhere - the secret handshake brigade in and around Whitehall have blood up to their armpits on this.
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