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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Saville had ultimate power over life and death? how is that when he is dead? and he clearly wasnt working alone but the truth is this world is full of sick people who will use people to get what they want but to try and make out it was all some masonically approved and controlled situation is just bollocks. Its actually a huge slur against the memebers who strive to live good and honest lives that people like you tar all of them with one big shitty brush.

As for freemasonry, its easy to speculate and imagine that all sorts of stuff goes on behind closed doors, which has been the angle used by anti masons for centuries to accuse them of many things.

The knights of malta are a chivalrous order, not masonic. They even allow women members! just because they have a system of degrees it doesnt make them masonic.

To say the ripper didnt work alone in whitehall is bollocks. That is pure speculation to make somebodies evils crimes accountable by the state and those who run it. It seems the life of a pseudo truther is very easy isnt it. Just make shit up and people will go along with it because they are so trusting and dont really get down to the nitty gritty about fact and fiction.
Savile had power, if he wanted someone dead then they would be bumped - people crossed him at their peril.

That is power over life & death.

As for tarnishing all masons with one brush, I have not. I've said I've not earlier. I pointed out the 1%.

You're the one insinuating I said all.

You're too busy defending the indefensible you seem to be having a problem with simple comprehension.

Not very honourable of you old chap!

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