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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Anybody can dress up, take and oath and climb a ladder by making some effort and I can see why such people might think being in the masons might grease the wheels of their success but such a motive is contrary to their codes and obligations, which means only fake masons would do such things.
i think it's a little disingenuous to say 'anyone can join.'

And i'm sure that the Freemasonry order - in and of itself - is a 'choosing ground' for a much more secret fraternity.... Wheels within wheels.

These higher orders, higher degrees, the Knights of Malta and all the rest - uncharted territory for 99% of freemasons, but for that chosen 1% - the elites, the MP's, advisers and high end police, solicitors, judges etc etc - the corruption minded, these are the one's we're talking about, who covered up for Savile, covered up for Peter Sutcliffe and Jack the Ripper (don't forget that Sutcliffe was questioned several times, Savile was hauled in [i think] five times for questioning - and they were allowed to go free) because those high end police chiefs, judges, solicitors etc etc pull strings, they are lent an ear by those below them, for their own advancement, promises made, ladders greased all the way.

Those lower positions are being manipulated along the way.

Thing is: we can see the masons. We can go see the Lodge's, we know the secret handshakes, the rituals and the aprons are all in the public domain - secret as they may be.

And if you can see it, if you can see 'them' then they are just a small part in a very big picture which is generally far out of the focus for most folks.

Savile could make a sick bastards dreams come true. He was seen talking to a girl at one of the care homes, the next day he and an accomplice were seen carrying something wrapped up in black plastic across the lawn and the poor girl was never seen again. So clearly he wasn't working alone.

Neither was Sutcliffe. Half of the girls he killed had bitye marks on them, half didn't. The famous 'telephone call' Wearside Jack / John Samuel Humble made to the police that sent them in the wrong direction shows he wasn't working alone.

The Riper didn't work alone in Whitehall....

They all worked with other people - and at least in Savile's case, he could make sick paedophiles dreams come true and then cover it all up through his network of mates and palls - police chiefs, morgues, hospitals, care homes and god only knows who else covered his horrible shit up. Politicians even. How many people had a knock on the door to silence them is anyone's guess.

Because ultimate power corrupts, ultimately.

Savile had ultimate power - quite literally over life and death - and the threat of that alone could be extremely persuasive.

And i'm sure that Jack the Ripper had that same power - by having influential people in his pocket.

It's not beyond the bounds of reason to see how it works - all you have to do is take the blinkers off.
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