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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
When i went in India in 2010, i bought an air fare with my debit card, paid to park my car in the airport parking at Heathrow and paid for a room at a hotel in Heathrow the day before flying (so as not to miss my flight) as well as buying a visa for India, and booking my hotel in India - paying for all this on my debit card...

When i got to India i made three cash withdrawl's and then they cancelled my card.

It cost me a few hundred quid to call the bank (Santander) from my mobile, to varify all the transactions and pissed me round for hours waiting for them to clear my card for use - all the while i was stranded in India.


All for my security, of course.

And now, i think the banks ask that you tell them if you are going abroad... You have to ask them for permission to use your card and your money, it is all a bit fucked up.

When i got back to the UK, i went into the bank to complain, they then cancelled my overdraft and cancelled my card, telling me that i would have to have a new one - the debit card i had hadn't expired, but when i tried to make an overseas payment to a mate they refused the transaction. They then proceeded to piss me about for months and didn't send me a replacement card, so i went into the bank to cancel my account. The assistant on the desk told me that i could not have my own money.... There were three people at the time in the bank with issues who were trying to close their accounts and being refused their money...

I asked to see the manager, and was told that the manager was busy. In the end the cashier told me (again after refusing to give me the money that was in the account) to 'move along' as i 'was holding up the queue.'

As you might imagine, this really pissed me off, so i told her that i would leave, and that i would be back in five minutes with a police officer and i would charge her personally for theft - not the bank, but her personally.... Miracle upon miracle the manager soon appeared and soon after the cashier gave me all the money from my account

Santander are a bunch of wankers.
They are preparing for something big it's obvious, if enough people got wind of what is happening they would easily be able to collapse the system within 24 hours.
The money has gone to the final takeover of the global military industrial complex, see this department and all of its subsidiaries on overtime getting the hardware ready.

Here we have had the lowering of the protection level for our account from 85 down to 75,000 gauranteed insurance, most will have had this letter by now, if not look into it.

The local authorities continue to tenderize the public by cutting back on essential public transport making those without transport difficult getting too and from hospitals etc, this is another way to rid people from the rural areas and into towns, a slow but progressive type of land clearances is what this pertains to.

Anyone with any sense will be getting together into small Coops and making the transitions now, no use waiting until it's too late.
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