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Originally Posted by lurk View Post
The horizon of many people is a circle with zero radius which they call their point of view. Sure, crazy starts where your understanding ends.

You have no clue, but you totally have a clue. Because, well that's what your ego is convinved of. Okay enough, your thinking isn't very evolved.

Go to youtube and search for shapeshifter, and marvel at the 719,000 'delusional' results you'll get. And then do your homework, you're some years behind but you'll catch up if you study motivated.
First of all LURK, I've seen plenty (not all 719,000 mind you) of 'so-called' shapeshifting videos...they're all crap, not one shred of real evidence. I am not convinced and believe me, I've certainly objectively searched for these so called shape shifters you're delusionally obsessing about.

I know you're 400+ posts in, but how do you presume that you know anything about me and my research other than exactly what I want you to think? Hmm?

I'm going to let you slide for intentionally changing what you quoted of me....the real question is, LURK, if indeed that's your real name....Are you a reptilian shape-shifter posing as a human looking for a connection to your species that you've lost?
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