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Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
There's a lot of batty flakes here who call you a reptilian because you raise an eyebrow when they tell you the planet Saturn is made of fosilised unicorn dung, I was surprised to see you taking the side of the flakes 'coz I always thought we had mutual respect, also surprised at being called a Mason when in my own small way I have always done my best to use this forum and others to lambast them and reveal what I know about them.

I am not a Mason but if you read my blog you will find that I almost joined them and was actually pursued by them across continents for several years. As a result I know a lot about how their minds work and what makes them tick.

Though I don't know what statements of mine could lead you to draw the conclusion that I am one of them.

Perhaps it is because I believe that God is in 'light'. But then Jesus says pretty much the same thing.

Anyway saying I might be a Mason is tantamount in my eyes to saying I might be a paedo, I really hate those guys, however bad you think Masons might really be, they're actually worse. Evil is a real force here on earth and Freemasons are its flag bearers.
I think there was a misunderstanding and I apologize again. What I was saying is that I can see that 'they' may think you're a mason, but no way in hell a reptilian.

Pirate is in no way, shape or form a mason and my previous statement I am officially retracting. I myself am also not a mason, the all-seeing-eye avatar is in reference to the knowledge of all in reference to the elders of ancient Lumeria.

Pirate, you and I do share a lot of common ground and I hope I have not damaged that. I'm going to take some extra time to read your blog.

Peace brother.
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