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Tildatod, ok here's my reading.

I'm guessing you are female. I am definitely picking up on a female energy even if you're not.

ok I'm just gonna type some pretty random things here as they come to me.

for some reason I'm getting stripey socks? haha but maybe I'm just seeing that cos you're avatar is stripey??
animals bear a significance in your life, it might be animal causes. pretty much all animals.

you are lots of fun. I'm getting that you are 'oodles' of fun.

also picking up about getting high grades in English and maths.

ya a good person with a conscience.

you keep private stuff private and you don't spill the beans to any tom dick or harry.

something you do burns a lot of calories.

and something about eating raw onion lol

also getting about a fresh stew.

you also have a flair for writing.

can you take being singled out as a trouble maker ever in your life?

keep getting about onions lol

also getting words 'deep purple'

ok cheers.
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