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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Sorry. I'm 'morally' against tattoos or piercings. Perhaps you're psychically cross wiring me with someone else ?
Yeah, Madonna. I told my OH that you've informed me that everything I've read for you is quite wrong. LOL, he shrugged and said "he's lying".

I'm psychic at times during the quiz. GI asked us some fucking awful question yesterday. Something like what was the noisy invention by Thomas Glass in 1890 or something? We were guessing hooter, fire alarm, siren etc. As a joke I wrote: Bomb. I was right. Another time they asked how many beads or something can fit into some other thing....we kept guessing and eventually I was pisstaking and said something like 50 billion. It was right. So, is that being psychic, or is that a wild guess?
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