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Originally Posted by markprice View Post
I did not know he had a book with infinite love is the only truth in the title. That thought was one of my first real problems with the Perception Decption--I'm just past the 250 page marker like it was a post on a long trip...

I'll list what I had problems with so far in this great book:

1) infinite love is not the only truth (that is a perception deception).

2) "Infinite love has no vibration or it would be illusion"--absolutely false.

[I got past that nonsense and it was going great until I reached p. 94]

3)"Shadow entity's only power is in perception...they are little boys in short pants". A lie based on arrogance and lack of experience IMO.

4) "First thing: we do not need to seek enlightenment because we are already enlightened All Possibility". Wow, could that be any more false? At the very best that is a gross oversimplification.

5) [things really fell apart on p.114 in the reprise] My main problem is i don't believe that everything is the same: major perception deception! And actually there is nothing in the void or it would not be void, contrary to Icke's opinion. And his conception of hell as a current archon projection is so superficial it is laughable.

6) here is a straight up lie or absolute ignorance: "The archonic realm does not have a natural energetic power source..." Wow, I guess he never experienced that one either. It is extremely conscious and far more powerful than nature. Then he tries to diminish that power by comparing it to a fly on an elephant...more lies in that paragraph p. 119--more perception deception.

7) p.121 he is still having trouble transcending his concept of love...and giving evil the upper hand was not a necessary consequence of free will...will not bother to get into details here but just because something is allowed does not mean it is necessary. And the All that is is not "dazzling darkness"; Icke seems to have a blind spot there IMO.

8) p.129 Polarities are not the hack, as he states, but a normal aspect of creation.

9) I completely disagree with his constantly pitting the heart against the gut; a totally unnecessary friction created by isolating love within the heart (and he miss-located the belly chakra...).

10) Then the book really got good until he lumped in Harry Potter with all the is wrong in the world. The entertainment industry could be a subcategory of symbolism that can be very helpful to people and not worth harping on IMO, especially with all the serious evil in the world which Icke is dealing with effectively.

Anyway, those are my initial observations so far.
A lot of questions, but I will try to get through them when I have time.

"3)"Shadow entity's only power is in perception...they are little boys in short pants". A lie based on arrogance and lack of experience IMO.

Yes, compared with consciousness, they most certainly are.
Man everywhere seem to be caught in the denial of reality. They fear the awful truth and are turning a blind eye… .Therefore, they avoid it and cast it from their minds and consciousness.
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