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Default The Hyperdimensional Informational Construct

Meme Morphing Machines

A is a cognitive or behavioural pattern that can be transmitted from one individual to another one, because of this they are often called "mind viruses". Another way of thinking about memes is as ideas or neoligisms that distrubute themselves through a population. In a very real sense we are a collection of other peoples' minds.

I feel that there is a relationship between memes and "morphic fields" as coined by Rupert Sheldrake. Morphic fields are fields of habit, and what is a habit but a pattern of thought. Morphic fields can be speculated to play a part in evolution, almost like they synchronise the coalescence of species. Morphic fields form repetitions of patterns, so therefore evolution can be thought of as the interplay of habit (repetition) and novelty (creativity). A trivial example of a morphic field could be that of a an amputee who can still feel a phantom limb. A person in this position has established neurological patterns which make them feel that their physical leg is still there, the phantom limb is a mental artifact or . Another example of a morphic field could be that of a group mind, for instance the whereby a once a threshold of a population begin to exhibit the same behavioural traits it instantanious becomes imprinted in the rest of the population.

Memes tend to be given a more linguistic application, whereas morphic fields are applied more in a biological sense. They are interchangable to a large degree however. Words do have a morphogenic field (cymatic resonance). Both memes and morphic fields can be looked at in a more broad sense as to use more magickal terminology. These terms are all describing . When a thought gains enough "momentum" it literally begins to manifest in subtle ways and eventually will materialize if perpetuated for long enough, everything starts with a thought.

When enough people invest their attention into particularly potent memes, they not only change our consciousness, but the World as well. These empowered memes are themselves expressions of a deeper process of awakening that the universe is going through. These memes are like higher-dimensional portals through which we are able to change the programming of the "cosmic computer" when we collectively realize the power of memes to create our shared reality.

A further point of interest with regards to memes is their relationship to the web bot project which uses a form of radical linguistics to derive emotional trends and predict future events. In a sense it is as though words and phrases take on a telepathic quality, they are afterall an extension of our thoughts. By watching the change in the context of emotive language over time they are able to predict certain things at an level.

Technology serves as a vector for memes, if it weren't for the Internet then you would not be reading these thoughts! Susan Blackmore coined the term "temes" for technological memes. There has been a consistant, persistant acceleration in the cycle of feedback from the memes inside of us and the memes we put out into the World. The World is steadily becoming more and more virtual as memes materialise into the World through technology. What this points to is that memes are transferring their host from the human mind to a synthetic mind via artificial intelligence, literally turning the mind inside out.

What is particularly concerning about this "" is that was born from the movement which is ofcourse a popular philosophy with the ruling elite. Furthermore the efforts of the elite seem to be pushing us into a form of "artificial hive mind" through a system of one World government, one World religion, once World currency, omnipresent surveillance etc. As Michael Tsarion mentions in the posted earlier, the migration to an artificial World is an effort to engineer a sort of artificial unity. It is an effort to cleanse humanity of that which makes us human, humanness is seen as a weakness, these "SIONtists" see death as a "problem" to be solved. Transhumanism bulldozes over all the psychological issues of mankind and replaces them with a sterile and broken whole.

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