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Default The Hyperdimensional Informational Construct


N.B. 1: If you want a quick summary/overview of this material watch my 20 minute video .

N.B. 2: Consider this more of an existential brain dump than a water-tight coherent set of ideas.

This work is a continuation of some of the ideas that I put out there in my video "documusentary" New Word Order: Libre Lingua:

The World is made of language. The ability to control language imparts another capability, the control of reality itself, language creates reality. We are enslaved by the linguistic assignments of our culture. An alteration of language can transform our apprehension of the universe. Reality is not independent from our description of it, words wield the power to shape reality. The beliefs we carry form a blade that sculpts wood as readily as it cuts throats.

"Reality is a battle of opposing metaphors playing out in the canvas of the collective mindscape."
My ideas have moved on somewhat since producing the above video and I don't necessarily agree with everything presented within it (some parts are a bit of a mish mash, hence the ). My ideas continue to evolve as I allow other thoughts to wander my mind. Anyway I'm not sure if more people seem to be picking up on these ideas, or maybe it's just me finding more puzzle pieces or even parroting other peoples ideas? I still feel like a in many ways, but then again comes the paradox of the more I learn, the less I know. One moment we are the fool, the next moment we are the magus. Plato himself said that all learning is but recollection, what we learn is simply what has been forgotten. Maybe "we" have established some kind of morphic resonance in our thinking, who knows? Ideas are converging, there's no doubt about that. My focus here is mainly on information and language with a slight detour into geometry and other "fringe" areas.

The ideas expressed here may seem like a flight of fancy for many people, but this material does assume atleast some familiarity with the concepts described herein, these are some very deep and wide ranging subject which I can only really impart my own amateur/"non-academic" conjecture. At the very least you do need to be open minded enough to challenge your perception of reality and entertain new ideas.

"To arrive at the truth once in your life you have to rid yourself of all the opinions that you have received and reconstruct anew from the foundation, all the systems of your knowledge." -- René Descartes
The bottom line disclaimer is that I'm not here to sell you a belief system just to offer perspectives on some thngs I have found out along the way. Don't trust me, do your own research, this material is in no way intended to be comprehensive/professional (I'd rather not get caught in my own net) and should be considered preliminary to your own further investigation. Information is neutral, it is neither good nor bad, do what you want with it. A closed mind is a decaying mind (check out ).
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