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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
The powers that be are. Manipulating EVERY demographic......
I'm sure that they are. But when I read an article like I did awhile back that some PC people are asking that students would no longer be referred to as boys and girls on the basis that it encourages discrimination - that's beyond insane. Of course they are equal, as in that both are equally as valuable. But the're not the same. I know very well when I have a boy or a girl in front of me, and it makes no sense to me to make it 'not done' to identify them as such. If someone gets beaten up because he's/she's gay or a transgender - THAT'S a hate crime and should be dealt with as such. But the way we are going it will ten years from now be a hate crime to refer to Jimmy as a boy or Linda as a girl. I'm exaggerating probably, but that's the direction we're going with all these "you can't do/say this, you can't do/say that's."
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