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Arrow Through the Roof


Eyewitness Graham Everitt One O'Glock - IRA mortar attack..

X-Metropolitan Police Commander George Churchill-Coleman OBE, who headed the anti-terror squad as they battled mainland bombings by the IRA, died 3 weeks after his car collided with a Wagon..Mr Churchill-Coleman was flown to hospital in Oxford after suffering serious head injuries in the crash in Milton Keynes, Bucks..on December 19..Medical teams battled to save his life, but the 76-year-old died in the city's John Radcliffe Hospital on Saturday..

As Above Day & Knight Grumbling Skies = Noise & Air Pollution so below..

Gulf War (218 of 374) - Desert Storm = Broadcast (New Zealand) 7th February 1991..

Jean-Paul Mousseau did artwork in the Montreal metro..He clashed with the metro's first art director, Robert Lapalme, who insisted that metro art be figurative, represent Montreal history, and be sponsored - Dick Winslow (25 March 1915) was an American film actor, mostly in supporting roles - In 1955, the frequency and effectiveness of Fedayeen attacks being launched from the Egyptian-controlled Gaza Strip and the Jordanian-controlled Hebron Hills area against isolated Israeli civilian communities increased, and the IDF searched for new ways to eliminate the threat..During the Six-Day War (1967), Yark oniserved on the Sinai front..After years of distinguished service, Yarkoni retired from the IDF in 1969. - After completing his post-graduate studies in 1979, Jean travelled in Europe, studying in Italy, Greece, and in the Palestinian town of Beit Jala at the Cremisan Monastery..The Israel bypass road known as the Tunnels Highway passes directly underneath Beit Jala - The civil parish was created in 1936 by uniting the civil parishes of Brereton cum Smethwick and Davenport, an Ancient Parish in Northwich Hundred...,_Cheshire must have tailed the old man to his office every day and watched his routine, in fact he thought that the Turk might have anticipated it, indeed might have welcomed it..Has it ever occurred to you that you are just as much a prisoner as I am?..Oh my dear chap, of course, I know too much..We're both lifers..Michael heaved a sigh of relief..Good, he said..I have to go into town tonight..But he couldn’t cut loose from the family until the crisis was over..He had to help in a civilian capacity..Will tighten up on Village security...

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