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Originally Posted by quadrati View Post
I’ll skip the research. I’ve based my opinion, and it is only an opinion, on experience. Have you? Did you look at the flip side? Did you? Really?

So cannabis has not killed anyone? Are you sure? If not directly then indirectly?

Have you ever heard some **** dying in a ditch in a smashed to fuck car because he smoked that shit? And the sound is horrendous. It gave me the shivers even though I‘d heard it before in another world. And the poor **** who didn’t smoke it? What of them? Have you ever saw the multiple scars on someones wrists, heavily contributed by smoking that shit? Have you heard the pain of a dying man whose lungs are shot because he smoked that shit? Never smoked a cigarette but the thought in my mind “you could have put it some cakes” just didn’t feel right somehow.

So tell me. Have you ever asked “hard” drug users what they’re first illegal drug was? Yeah they all got drunk first they then got stoned. Admittedly for the most part.

On the plus side. Cannabis has given me great pleasure in that it gave the Beatles (and others) a far greater catalogue of music than would have been otherwise. The influence from 1965 onwards is evident and they’re music was indeed groundbreaking and genius. Although George Martin, who as far as I know, did not partake was instrumental (no pun intended) in that. But we’re not asking for cannabis to be legalised for artistic purposes are we? The average docile, retarded individual would be even more so in your world.
But I’ll just shut up because you think it’s harmless.

Of course alcohol is a killer. I admit that. My uncle was an alcoholic and died of bowel cancer due to alcoholism funnily enough. My cousin is an alcoholic and on borrowed time. I’ve been a victim of alcoholic violence, I’ve been the perpetrator of alcoholic violence. I’ve saw marriages destroyed through alcohol. I, as a tax payer, pay for cunts to sit and drink alcohol all day. I deal with drunks frequently, horrible cunts. Why? Because they are, in fact, “high” on a drug. But I drink alcohol. I know it’s dangers, they are many. If there was a case to ban a drug then alcohol is guilty. In my hypocrisy I encourage others to drink. But it’s legal. And that legal drug is enough.

So you keep on spouting you’re pro cannabis crap all you like, you smoke it as much as you like but don’t bullshit me that’s it’s harmless. It isn’t.
I doubt anyone said it's harmless. Hardly anything in the world is harmless.
But its not a gateway drug anymore than milk is. No one becomes a psychopath by smoking it.
People who kill themselves have problems in their lifes, cannabis or not.
I personally know a lot of people who use cannabis daily and they have great lifes. Good jobs, family, good health.

You can cry all you want but that old school negative propaganda you and Jake spout is outdated and proved wrong.
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