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Originally Posted by dontbeafraid View Post
Don't worry when people laugh, I used to think it was funny when people used to talk about things I did'nt understand. But I was'nt rude, like some people are. Just ignore it for now.

There is not a "machine" blasting moon vibes. It is alot more complicated than that. I talked about it in another thread somewhere, you can scan my posts and take a look.

I don't know if you went to the moon matrix. But I do know that the AI can project situtations and whatever it wants into your soul's "perception" if you are not a fully concious soul. When you are not a concious soul you are at the whim of the moon matrix. To it you are not concious and therefore fair game, at least thats what I gather from studying its actions.
Did the general shape of the place look something like the pic in the first post? The size of the building blocks, which are recycled souls, are just about what you estimated. There were some smaller and some bigger as well. The small square buildings are empty, I went thru them. You described the windows correctly, the place is actually windowless, but some "blocks" are placed where a window would be, so if you were not paying great attention to detail it might make it look like there are windows.

That you could not move means you were not fully concious, the soul is helpless if it has no conciousness and basically the moon matrix just moves it at will.
Wow scary, recycles souls eyy??

Yeah I wasn't fully awake, that's correct. I was only somewhat awake for a short period and that's when I saw all this prison looking stuff, but when those alien things came running after me I began to slip into dream-mode again, it is very possible that the alien creatures was only me dreaming and had nothing to do with the place.

Yes, the shape of the area was very similar to your pic, size too, at least from what I could see, but I'm not sure if I saw everything.

I didn't notice that octagon shape of the building, I think it was square shaped and some 3-4 stores high by the look of it. But I was quite close to it so I didn't see the overall shape of it very well, (still think it was rectangular shaped though as a random apartment building) and I was more interested in those shield things lol. Didn't get alot of time to inspect them closer though. I never saw windows behind them, didn't think of checking behind them so perhaps there was no windows behind them after all, but yes they were arranged so that you would think it was windows behind them.

If memory serves me right then the shield things were sitting about 15 cm away from the wall of the building, they were white and had slightly angled edges. Possible that the corners of them were cut off in a 45 degree angle too (or just rounded off) and not a sharp 90 degree angle as a simple square would have. I'm trying to find a pic of something that has the same appearance but can't find anything..
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