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The EU is the glue that holds the UK together .The Brexiteers sought to “take back control”, by restoring the sovereignty of parliament just as it was in 1972, the year before we joined the European Community, as the EU then was. But the world of 2019 is very different from that of 1972, when there was no Human Rights Act, no devolution, no Good Friday agreement, a world in which the referendum was thought to be unconstitutional. The past is indeed another country. Brexit was instigated by a referendum in 2016. But we have no rules determining when referendums are to be held, what issues should be put to referendum, how frequently they should be held, what majority should be needed for change and whether the outcome should be binding or merely advisory. The danger is that they come to be held, not for principled reasons, but to suit the convenience of the government of the day. We have adopted a new method of validating legislation, transferring sovereignty to the people, but without thinking through the implications.

Devolution and the Good Friday agreement are now under grave threat the government has decided that some parts of the devolved powers being returned from Brussels (in areas such as agriculture, fisheries and environmental protection), are to be retained by Westminster so as to preserve the internal market of the United Kingdom – a market which, until Brexit, had been regulated by the EU.
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