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Lightbulb Fenghuang

6 to 14 SEAL platoons in-country..

The Stoner Machinegun + A Navy Seal Remembers..

Retired Lt. Cmdr. Mike Walsh was in Naval Special Warfare for 26 years, including 5 tours in Vietnam, where he was an adviser in the highly controversial Phoenix Program..The CIA described it as "a set of programs hat sought to attack and destroy the political infrastructure of the Viet Cong - Michael J. Walsh (fl. since 2003) is an American designer and creative director who has worked or consulted at the School of Visual Arts, Harry N. Abrams, the Walt Disney Company, Time Inc, Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner and The Washington Post Magazine - Maybe even travel to the planets..The 47 Ronin..Do you know it?.. 2x47 = Pluto is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, a ring of bodies beyond Neptune... all, we're still brothers..This building doesn't get built without you..You're CIA's and soul..The British are a particularly civilized people..Today it's oil, right?..In 10 or 15 years, food..Plutonium..On the other hand, Mozart was 3 when he started to play The piano, and he was composing at 6..Do something unaimed, but spectacular...

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