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Originally Posted by sandokhan View Post
The space-time continuum concept invented by Minkowsky and Einstein does not exist in reality: it is a mathematical pipe dream.

The hyperspace is the aether itself, through which waves of ether travel (ether = subquark strings).
Lol.....You can't discredit Einstein then bang on about ether and the Earth being flat and expect to be taken seriously dude..


You're gonna have to do a lot better than that.

Time is simply the sequence of events in the 3d universe..... the unfolding of events certainly exist, and appear to unfold in a linear fashion in 3d.

This is space-time..... nothing funny about it. It's a fact of life.

It's not a mathematical pipe dream, it is a concrete fact..... the point you're missing is that it is rather hard to represent space-time mathematically because space-time is 'the medium' of our known universe and it is rather easier to quantify the things within the medium, than the medium itself.

In 4d you transcend 3d space AND time and could conceivably travel to any point in the universe past or future.... the outer bounds of the 4d hypersphere which is our universe is marked by the its beginning and it's end.

So anyway.... tell us all about that ether of yours and the flat-earth....cue Twilight Zone music...

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