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Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
I think density is the wrong word. Higher dimensions would not be denser, 3d forces would all be resolved and likely unified as innate properties of matter. Besides, there are 4d forces at work. Perhaps what we perceive as separate forces are really just one 4d force which applies itself differently in the material world.

But 4d would transcend matter as we know it.... so your argument, despite being a good one, may not necessarily be true... Or course, we can't know for sure, we can only extrapolate from available data.

Though I think you're taking a slightly bold step refuting Einstein.....

I think he was pretty much on the money in most cases. A smart guy with a powerful imagination. Very rare in a scientist. Only the best scientists have imaginations.
I see the 4th dimension as a consciousness and we exist in the physical which splits our consciousness into two; the other being the subconscious. I also believe everything is subject to our creators consciousness, which is beyond my understanding but would be imprinted in the design establishing the laws of physics. As I see it the physical world is here for a deeper experience; the reason for the separation.

The thing with Einstein is his theories open the door to concepts I believe are false. Interstellar travel, wormholes, multiverses. I believe these ideas are only relative to the 4th dimension. I think we apply these two worlds in ways that don't interconnect and miss the part where they do; influence of intent, thought and beliefs.

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