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Originally Posted by sandokhan View Post
Electricity = Magnetism

A brief description: the magnetic field consists of strings of subquarks (magnetic monopoles) which circulate between the two poles of the magnet (BOTH N-S and S-N). Through the subquarks we have a flow of bosons/antibosons.

In a conductor, which consists of the same subquark strings, these subquarks align themselves to allow the boson flow (what we actually call electricity).

The same phenomenon: one is a flow of bosons through subquarks outside a conductor, the other a flow of bosons inside a conductor.

The subquark strings are made up of two helices: a laevorotatory spin, and a dextrorotatory spin.

Terrestrial gravity is the DEXTROROTATORY SPIN SUBQUARK STRING; the laevorotatory offers the opposing force, the antigravitational energy needed to explain the DePalma, Kozyrev, and Brown experiments.

Terrestrial gravity is a force of PRESSURE and is not attractive.

The Earth is not Hollow.

There is no curvature at the surface of the Earth.

No curvature across the strait of Gibraltar, no ascending slope, no midpoint 3.5 meter visual obstacle, a perfectly flat surface of the water all the way to Africa:

38:28 to 38:35

From the same spot, a splendid photograph:

No curvature whatsoever, just like the image in the video itself.

The motto of this forum is: "exposing the dreamland we believe to be real"

However, the nature of this dreamland is just barely beginning to be understood as to its two crucial aspects: the falsification of history, and the true shape of the Earth.

Well I don't follow your logic. Math is the code or the nature of the "matrix" or what you call dreamland, which I believe to be an entirely different yet consciously connected dimension. I don't see how a photograph can prove curvature based on its limited depth or a video showing cartoon images of earth.

Electricity is not magnetism just as protons are not electrons. All matter is magnetic and manifested by the numerical value of a nucleus; the atomic number. I did not claim "earth is hollow" rather the core and axis are hollow. Is the sun a sphere? moon? or just illusions? I do not agree with modern physics as you do and find that math to be more of fantasy and a never ending road to nowhere. It sounds like you believe everything is based on light?

I do agree that the earths "gravity" is pressure but created by the electromagnetic force on ionized particles. Your reasoning seems contradicting; a dreamworld subject to forces? Would not your spin theories only reinforce curvature?

Everything you have stated except for curvature is mainstream science so how is this hidden?

And again I never said I am right. I threw an idea out there and got some condescending response I would expect from Sheldon.

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