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Originally Posted by ignoranto_bliss View Post

if you cant log on dont bother . When is your birthday ?
May, lol funny person

Originally Posted by fairyelfdog View Post
Whoa, Moon Matrix! I can't wait until I'm not broke anymore so that I can preorder! Such a shame though, I've always liked the moon and even spent time talking to it on many occasions.

Perhaps I should wait to be so moon struck. Perhaps David is just a luna-tick

But really, I should have known *sigh*. I will resume my aquaintance with the sun instead. It's much more rewarding and more shiny.

(ps: Not making fun of DI)
hehe. Yes it got me thinking last night about this moon thinggy....hmm...
Is the moon responsible of this illusion? I always thought it was the sun
The most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard.
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