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Police Pre-Crime ‘Minority Report’ Systems Announced
18th January 2019 / United Kingdom

TruePublica Editor: Back in May 2017, I predicted that the police would be doing just that – predicting. I warned that Britain already has a reputation for deploying the most intrusive surveillance systems against its own people in the Western world. I warned that our civil liberties are being systematically dismantled, driven through the false narrative of security.

-UK police are investing millions in a new predictive pre-crime system, the National Data Analytics System
-The system will access police databases, social services, and even the NHS and schools
-Every citizen would risk being monitored, judged and having our lives intruded upon by the Police
-Largest British law enforcement system threatens civil liberties handing massive power to the state

I also warned that police departments around the world are partnering with private companies to use public data, personal information and algorithms to predict where illegal actions are most likely to occur and, crucially, who is most likely to commit them.

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