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Originally Posted by ashangel View Post
Ok to weigh in some experience on this thread some of you may have seen some of my post where I describe insanely intense insights etc and one hell of a learning curve, I have been avoiding raw onion and garlic (which I love) well earlier I had a cheese and onion sandwhich and was like "fuck it". and Put loads of raw onion in. which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It's something I now regret, it definitely had a negative effect on me which is, now 3 hours later, beginning to wear off, suffice to say lesson learned but it is wearing off it doesn't seem permanent (thank fuck for that lol I was worried for a bit) , as for Garlic I have no Idea but I keep getting cravings for it (maybe I'm just hooked lol), in the supermarket I kept walking over to it but kept my discipline ( I wanted to test out what is stated here in this thread) and do it on an individual basis. rather than discuss to and fro.

Just my lil' bit of input.

If you have been avoiding onions for so long and then ate a bit ,you are just feeling guilty may have nothing to do with the onions at all, only the way you perceive your relationship with onions may be the problem.
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