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Originally Posted by serpentine View Post
The overall process used at PVG isn't fracking as it doesn't remove matter from the ground but transfers heat from it. Most of the quakes caused by fracking are due to forcing vast amounts of "waste" water at high pressure back into the wells which also isnt the case at PVG. Any effects at PVG would be very local and not impinge one jot on the immense pressures required to shift billions of tons of magma away from the Kilauea summit region.
This was my immediate reaction , a geothermal borehole is insignificant compared to the vast amounts of magma being moved in this eruption ...

But Dr Salla is a respected academic , he says at 4:10 ... "There is scientific evidence they've been fracking there since 1993" ...He's seems to be suggesting they are not telling the public , but they are in fact fracking , which has been linked elsewhere to causing earthquakes. ...

It certainly is a big 'coincidence ' that Hawaii's only geothermal plant is right where this very localised eruption is ... the plant has now closed ....

"Hawaii had bold plans to completely ditch fossil fuels over the next few decades, but Kilauea's lava flows have put a wrench in the Big Island's ability to harness renewable energy from the volcano...."

This could partly be an elaborate plan to keep Hawaii oil dependent ..
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