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So UBShave agreed to pay 1.5 billion to the US and UK and swiss regulators..only 2 traders prosecuted!!!???...what??? just 2 did it all by themselves????? a bad joke. Those involved had quit or been fired..thats ok then!. 3 people arrested on the UK side of things.

UBS..had make corrupt payments of 24 thousand dollars per quarter for the past 18 brokers as a thank you for helping to manipulate the gobal interest rate! Libor deals with 300 trillion contracts around the world!...losers are pension companies and individuals!

A dozen banks have been caught up in the enquiry and there are more cases to come!..there are more skeltons in the cupboard which need to come out!

This was on the U Tube clip:

UBS agrees to pay 1.5 billion dollar settlement for Libor rigging.

Well thats all I can find out in terms of Libour referring back to the previous you tube clip earlier connecting the 2 men.x
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