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Total recall...what excellent links...all you can say is OMG!!! what a set up job gone very badly wrong...the you tube link is so telling!!!!

Great photos too!...I mean forgot sake...your just lost your child...and your jumping all over the president?..what the hell...looks like they are in the middle of a party or way would anyone behave like that or let your other kids be used to make the bloody presdient look good....he would be licking my boots and I would be asking serious questions in between crying!!!

They got awy with 9/11...they will get away with this incident too,,sadly because no one will take any of this to court will they....they will just try to get rid of it now as quickly as possible...all they need is a christmas natural disaster to refocus everyone from this story.

Makes you wonder who is being used her and for what purpose?...its interesting..that both fathers at both schools are testify in that case likely is that?...and what is that case all about...the you tube clip doesn't elabourate...anyone know? x
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