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Today the police can literally suck all your memories out of your brain, and see what happened in your life, in serious crimes.

Thats good, as its a factual way to show and prove if the suspect has actually did what they claim.

The police will know if they use these techs on him what happened and from his perspective. So you cannot hide anything from these people anymore, and i think its good.

Just staying silent is no good today in serious crimes investigation, as the police have access to techs to take all your memories anyway. So staying silent means nout.

I am sure plenty of people out there have done horrendous stuff in there lifes. There is no secrets anymore if the police or gov target you.

Not saying this guy is innocent or guilty, just that the suspect will be able to hide nothing from the police, and the police if they use this tech on him will know without a doubt what happened.

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